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Beaufort Cheese

Beaufort Cheese. Firm, fruity cheese from the French Alps. We sell a large amount of this delicious cheese - stronger than Comte. There are too types according to the season; a strong one and a milder one, but both have that unique mountain-milk flavour.

Made with unpasteurised milk


250g of Beaufort Cheese (+8.75)
500g of Beaufort Cheese (+17.50)
750g of Beaufort Cheese (+26.25)
1kg of Beaufort Cheese (+35.00)

One of the finest French mountain cheeses - the 'prince of Gruyeres' according to Brillat-Savarin. Whole cheeses can weigh up to 60 kilos (132 pounds) and can use up to 450 litres of milk. It is thought to date back to Roman times.

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