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Cake Sword Hire - price includes deposit

Cake Sword Hire - price includes deposit. Customers often ask what they should use to cut rounds of cheese and we usually advise them to use a large sturdy knife such as a strong carving knife. However, this doesn't look very elegant for the photograph of the ceremonial cutting of the 'cake'. These are miniature swords which are great for this purpose. The carbon steel blades are not very sharp so please do not use for the actual cheese cutting. The blade can get stained if you let it get wet, so please keep it dry. 40cm long with a 30cm blade.

There are some conditions you will agree to, by purchasing this sword hire. We require you to look after this sword, return it in a clean condition, within seven days of you first receiving the sword, well packed and with proof of postage just in case it does get lost (so you can make a claim - not us). The cost of the return post is a cost you have to bear as that is not included in the cost of this hire. We don't mind slight wear and tear, which is expected with hire goods, but large scratches, bends, stains or dents will mean we keep your deposit, as will failure to keep any of the conditions above.

£17 (including VAT) for hire plus £50 deposit. By hiring this sword you are confirming you are over 18 years old.



We require some notice for this product. If you are not ordering a cake made of cheeses from us, you may not know that, although we despatch for next day delivery, we suggest you ask for despatch (at our checkout) no later than the Wednesday before a Saturday wedding or the Tuesday before a Friday wedding etc. This allows an extra day just in case there is a courier delay.

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