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Camembert Cheese - French 250g

Camembert Cheese - French 250g. Excellent quality cheese; well-ripened and full of flavour.


One of the three great Normandy cheeses (the other two are Livarot and Pont l'Évêque) although it is a relatively new cheese and has only been known in its present form since the 1700s. Even then, the introduction of Penicillium candidum, the snowy white mould which is sprinkled or sprayed on to the surfaces of the cheeses, only took place in 1910; as for the chipwood box in which cheeses are presented, these were only invented in the 1890s - up till that decade cheeses were wrapped in sixes in paper and straw. Camembert is now made in enormous quantities all over the world and in France it accounts for over twenty per cent of total cheese production.


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