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Chatel Cheese 200g

Chatel Cheese 200g. A 200g individual creamy Cornish Brie made with double cream. Bread and knife not included of course.

Made with vegetarian rennet



Chatel is a soft, mould ripened cows' milk cheese made at a creamery in Cornwall. It is made using full fat cows milk produced on local farms. Made with Cornish double cream, salt, vegetable rennet and starter cultures. It is a mild and creamy cheese with a soft, melting texture. Ripened for ten days in special ripening rooms. As the cheese matures it develops its golden straw-coloured body and velvety texture. Chatel is Cornish for 'Cattle'. Chatel is a versatile cheese which can be enjoyed by everyone. Ideal for the cheeseboard, in a sandwich or for cooking.

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