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Award winning cheese from Tetbury Gloucestershire
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Classic Cheese Selection

Classic Cheese Selection. A wonderful classic cheeseboard using top quality cheeses ...

A top quality French Reblochon (250g each) - slightly pungent soft mountain cheese * Chatel (200g) - a double cream soft cheese from Cornwall * wedge (approximately 250g) of Brie de Meaux - a French soft; mature and creamy * wedge (approximately 250g) of Double Gloucester- medium mature farmhouse Double Gloucester * wedge (approximately 250g) of Devon Blue - a delicious crumbly but creamy-tasting farm cheese * a 170g Vulscombe; a fresh-tasting delicate goat cheese from Devon * two jars of diffferent Chutneys/Pickles, (not necessarily the ones in the photograph) made using no additives or preservatives.

**The Chatel cheese has been discontinued, so we have substituted a Cricket St Thomas soft cheese. The Vuscombe Goat cheese is not being made at the moment, so we have substituted a Raven's Oak goat cheese**

The olivewood cheeseboard is not included.



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