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Cornish Yarg Cheese

Cornish Yarg Cheese. Firm mild farmhouse cheese coated in edible nettle leaves.

Made with vegetarian rennet

250g of Cornish Yarg Cheese (+8.25)
500g of Cornish Yarg Cheese (+16.50)
750g of Cornish Yarg Cheese (+24.75)
1kg of Cornish Yarg Cheese (+33.00)

Cornish Yarg is named after the original makers of this cheese, a couple by the name of Gray (try spelling Gray backwards!) The recipe for this cheese dates from possibly the thirteenth century. It is made on a farm near Liskeard rented from the Duchy of Cornwall. Covering a cheese in nettle leaves was a traditional way of keeping it moist and preventing flies from settling on it - the leaves are frozen after picking which deadens the sting - this means that they can be safely eaten if wished, although it's not compulsory! An edible white mould forms on this cheese to varying degrees, even when the cheese is young. A few customers have thought that we have sent them old or faulty cheese which isn't the case. Like all our cheeses we obtain new stocks every week to give the longest shelf life of our fresh products.


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