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Award winning cheese from Tetbury Gloucestershire
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Dorset Red Cheese

Dorset Red Cheese. Smoked cheese made and matured on the Dorset coast.

Made with vegetarian rennet

250g of Dorset Red Cheese (+6.00)
500g of Dorset Red Cheese (+12.00)
750g of Dorset Red Cheese (+18.00)
1kg of Dorset Red Cheese (+24.00)

The contrast of the deep amber core, with the dark smoked rind immediately draws the eye. The distinctive waft of oaky smoke provides a delicious insight into what is to come. The texture, not as firm as cheddar, slightly open and smooth, lends itself perfectly to being naturally smoked. Once tasted, never forgotten, Dorset Red is delectable served on its own, but will readily partner many foods and drinks and deliver different taste cues on each occasion.


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