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Gres d'Alsace Cheese - 125g

Grès d Alsace Cheese - 125g. Semi-soft full flavoured cheese from Alsace. Made in the same area and the same family of cheese as Munster.



The Grès d'Alsace is very popular among the lovers of Munster cheese. The rich soil in the Alsace region is a very favourable environment for the cherry trees to grow their juicy cherries. Many farmers in that region make a wonderful kirsch Spirit from these fruits, which is then used, among other things, for the Grès d'Alsace. The cheese is matured in three steps. During the first 3 weeks, the cheeses are washed with light saltwater twice a week. During the next 3 weeks the cheeses are refined with a melange of water and Kirsch. Shortly before they are delivered, the cheeses are once again washed with Kirsch, which further intensifies the flavour and creates a fruity scent.

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