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Award winning cheese from Tetbury Gloucestershire
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Roquefort Cheese

Roquefort Cheese. Creamy soft ewes' / sheeps' milk blue cheese. Artisan Roquefort - the king of French soft blues. Slight sharpness with lots of smoothness.

Made with unpasteurised milk

250g of Roquefort Cheese (+8.25)
500g of Roquefort Cheese (+16.50)
750g of Roquefort Cheese (+24.75)
1kg of Roquefort Cheese (+33.00)
Half cheese of Roquefort 1.3kg approx Cheese (+42.90)

This cheese was loved by Pliny, Charlemagne and Casanova (the latter considered it to be something of an aphrodisiac!) Traditionally, Roquefort is ripened in caves which are ventilated by currents of air and which provide ideal conditions for the development of the mould defined as Penicillium roquefortii. This particular Roquefort is an artisan-made cheese.


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