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Wensleydale Cheese - Hawes

Wensleydale Cheese made by the Hawes dairy. Dry, slightly sweet, and open-textured. Real cheese Gromit!

Made with vegetarian rennet

250g of Wensleydale Cheese (+5.25)
500g of Wensleydale Cheese (+10.50)
750g of Wensleydale Cheese (+15.75)
1kg of Wensleydale Cheese (+21.00)

Before 1500/1600 Wensleydale was made with ewes', rather than cows', milk, and often contained blueing. (A blue cows' milk Wensleydale is usually available from us at Christmas). It was also the tradition up to Victorian times to add 'black snails' (possibly leeches?) to the milk to cause it to curdle, instead of using conventional rennet.


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